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Appealing transportation (small train, cableway, tour boat) Appealing transportation (small train, cableway, tour boat).
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Budějovice Gate. Budějovice Gate Gate guarding the western periphery of the town. It was built according to the plan by Dominik Comta and Jan Lukana. It replaced the walled in Břilicka gate next to the chateau. In 1819 it was reconstructed... Address: Třeboň Hradec Gate. Hradec Gate Gate guarding the eastern part of the town, the core of which dates back to 1525-1527. After several fires it was reconstructed and it received today's appearance in 1875. It is the youngest of the Trebon... Address: Třeboň Krčín's House Aqaurium. Krčín's House Aqaurium The house belonged to Jakub Krčín of Jelčan, the Rozemberk regent. We are reminded of this fact by the memorial plaque. Address: Třeboň Novohradská gate. Novohradská gate Gate built in the 1st half of the 16th century. The entrance is shaped in the form of a gothic lancet. Address: Novohradská brána, Třeboň Svinenská Gate. Svinenská Gate The oldest of the Trebon gates with curled gables and graphite ornamentation on the north frontispiece and barrel vaults. It was built in the 1st half of the 16th century, it is doubled and two-storeyed... Address: Třeboň Třeboň - chateau. Třeboň - chateau In place of a Gothic stronghold was in the 16th century built a Renaissance castle owned by House Rožmberk and later by House Schwarzenberg. The large archive of documents of both houses presents a unique... Address: Zámek 115, Třeboň Třeboň - mediaeval fortifications. Třeboň - mediaeval fortifications The first city ramparts were built in the mid-14th century. In the 1530’s, the fortification was expanded by an outer wall with bastions, which, along with the entrance gate, remain well-preserved to this... Address: Třeboň
Zoological and botanical gardens, arboretums, and caves Zoological and botanical gardens, arboretums, and caves.