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about town

Coat of arms of Třeboň town.The medieval city Třeboň is located in landscape typically picturesque of South Bohemia at an altitude of 435 m above sea level. Thanks to its wealth of sources of water, it is often referred to as the “City of Ponds” and the “Region of Mirrors.” Třeboň and its surroundings are part of the protected landscape region and natural biosphere reservation which is protected by UNESCO. Třeboň is known for its years of tradition of breeding fish, which is why you can enjoy fish delicacies made from exceptional Třeboň carp at local restaurants.

The first document referring to the city surrounded by ponds dates back to the middle of the 13th century. From 1365, the Czech name of the city also appears, previously only Wittingau was used (Vítkův Luh). Třeboň experienced its greatest flourishing in the 16th century and at the beginning of the 17th century under the rule of Vilém and Petr Vok of Rožmberk. After 1611, the Švamberks arrive and in 1660 the Schwarzenbergs became the owners of the Třeboň estate. Peat spas were established in Třebon in the 19th century. As of 1960 the city bears spa statute, in 1978 it was declared an urban conservation area and in 1979, it was made the centre of the CHKO Třeboňsko (Protected Landscape Area of the Třebon Region).

The city is visited by a great number of tourists. The Regent brewery is based here, which was established in 1379, thus ranking it among the oldest breweries in the world. Masaryk Square, surrounded by burgher homes with Renaissance and Baroque gables, is the natural centre of the entire city heritage reserve. The most valuable house on the square is the house U Bílého koníčka (at the Little White Horse’s) dating back to 1544. Nearby the square is the Provost Church of Virgin Mary of the Queens and St. Jilji. It is built in Gothic style with a two-nave layout. Třeboň Chateau is one of the largest chateau complexes in the Czech Republic. Its present day appearance is the work of Renaissance architects, who built the majestic residence of the significant Czech family, the Rozmberks, on the site of a former Gothic castle. On the southeast side of the pond Svet (World) is the family tomb of the Schwarzenbergs, built in Neo-Gothic style in 1874 – 1877.

The not very large city in terms of size, provides visitors more surprises and opportunities for relaxation and sightseeing than a big city. Each year, visitors’ stays are enriched by numerous cultural events or smartly organised relaxation activities, plenty of possibilities to choose from for sports and spa services.

Overview of annual significant cultural events:

  • January – New Year fireworks with accompanying programme
  • April - Květinová Třeboň (Flowery Třeboň) – flower market in the square, exhibits, Amarylis at the chateau
  • May – international animated film festival AniFilm
  • July – music festival in commemoration of Ema Destinova Třeboňská Nokturna
  • July – Třeboň festivities of Jakub Krčín
  • August - Třeboň Spas- entertaining presentation of Aurora and Berta Spa
  • August – Fishermen’s festivities
  • December - Třeboň Advent – Christmas markets, live nativity scene, sounding the horn from the tower, march of the bells, lighting the Christmas Tree and carolling